Group Registration

Group registration is now open.

There are conveniences to registering as a group, rather than as an individual.
Group Registration(Must purchase 10 or more tickets for group delegates at once)
1. Group leader can be invoiced for the entire group and must make a payment for the invoice.
2. When purchasing N(10 or more)tickets, N+2 registration codes will be sent through e-mail to group leader.
3. Each delegate should register for themselves individually using the codes.

1. 그룹등록은 최소 10명부터 가능합니다.
2. 그룹담당자가 N명의 등록티켓을 구매하시면, N+2 개의 티켓코드가 이메일로 발송됩니다.
3. 각자 티켓코드를 사용하여 웹사이트에서 개별 등록을 완료합니다. (결재단계에서 티켓번호 입력)

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For any inquiries about group applications, please contact +82 -2-6000-7275.